Credit Building Loans with Kener Lending

Kener Lending helps build your credit score. Our loans have lower fees, clear terms and conditions and no hidden fees.

We are the first and only licensed CAB in Texas with a reporting relationship to the prime credit bureaus (as well as to the major subprime credits bureaus), so we offer loans that can improve your credit score.

How can a Kener loan build your credit score?

First time Kener customers are allowed to take out a short-term, single payment loan of up to $500 for a period of up to 35 days (depending on your next salary date). As soon as they take out their first loan, Kener customers begin to improve their Kener Status, bringing them closer to better loans and positive reporting to the credit agencies.

When a customer repays a loan on time or signs in with Facebook, we see that as an indication of being a responsible borrower and on the path toward building your credit score. Pay back a loan on time, and get more points that bring our customers one step closer to credit building loan. With Kener Lending you're in control of your points, your money and most importantly, your finances.

We want our customers to succeed, so we do everything we can to encourage on-time repayment. Kener Lending offers customized e-mail and text alerts, the ability to choose or extend your loan repayment date, personalized dashboards available on any computer or smartphone, and a customer service department. Credit building loans are just the beginning of your path to financial freedom.

When a customer consistently repays their loans, they are a responsible borrower, eligible to reach Platinum Status, at which Kener can help improve your credit.

The positive repayment history of a credit building loan can be reported to the prime credit bureaus and can improve FICO scores for our customers.

Keep in mind:

Credit is not built or rebuilt overnight. Improving a poor credit score can take months or even years. A small loan designed to help build your credit is part of a much larger and longer process. Major credit bureaus rely on many sources of data to determine credit scores.

If you want to improve your credit score with a credit building loan, apply for your first Kener loan today and get the ball rolling!

The Status Points you earn on your way up the Kener Status pedestal is just an indicator of your financial progress. As you accumulate points, you will achieve greater status levels, from Bronze to Silver to Gold to Platinum to Diamond. As your status improves, you earn access to more money at better rates, for longer periods of time.

Max. Loan Amount $500 $500 $750 $1,000 $1,500
Discount on Fees / Rates   -10% -15% -25% -95%
Max. Loan Length 35 days 35 days 3 months 6 months 6 months
Max. Number of Payments 1 1 6 12 12
Loan Amount

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