Your Kener Status - Our Loyalty Program

As we all know, improving your status is a key to succeeding in life.  Our goal is to help you succeed financially, and improving your Kener Status helps us help you.

We have developed the Kener Status Loyalty Program to help you climb out of the short-term debt cycle, or avoid it completely. You improve your Kener Status by borrowing responsibly and following our simple steps to success.

Earning status points is easy, educational and fun.  As you improve your Kener Status you earn the right to take out larger loans with better rates.  From simply paying down your loan, interacting with us on Facebook or downloading our mobile app, you will earn valuable points that will improve your financial status.

By simply paying back your first loan on time you will get Silver Status giving you 10% discount for your next loan.  By reaching Diamond Status your rates will be as low as 40% APR (95% discount of our fees).

Improve Your Kener Status To Improve Your Life

Max. Loan Amount $1,000 $1,000 $1,000 $1,250 $1,500
Discount on Fees / Rates   -10% -15% -25% -95%
Points needed to Qualify   300 1150 2,150 3,150

    Max Loan Amount: $1,000


    Max Loan Amount: $1,000
    Discount on Fees / Rates: -10%
    Points needed to Qualify: 300

  • GOLD

    Max Loan Amount: $1,000
    Discount on Fees / Rates: -15%
    Points needed to Qualify: 1,150


    Max Loan Amount: $1,250
    Discount on Fees / Rates: -25%
    Points needed to Qualify: 2,150


    Max Loan Amount: $1,500
    Discount on Fees / Rates: -95%
    Points needed to Qualify: 3,150

Earning Status Points The Easy Way

Complete your first loan application
100 pts
Get approved for your first Kener Loan
100 pts
Repay your first loan on-time:
Loan is less than $300
300 pts
Loan is greater than or equal to $300
650 pts
Repay your other loans on-time:
Loan is greater than or equal to $400
200 pts
Pay down your loan before the due date
25 pts
Refer a friend who gets approved for a loan
50 pts
Your refered friend repays his first loan on time
200 pts
with Facebook
200 pts

* Points are earned only when loan is paid in full

You are able to earn status points by simply being a responsible borrower. Pay back your Kener Loan on time or download our mobile application and put yourself on track to a better financial future. Here are some ways to start improving your financial status today:

+100 pts
Complete your first loan application 

Complete our quick online application here for the first time. You will know instantly if you are approved.

+100 pts
Get approved for your first Kener Loan 

Get approved and accept your first Kener loan.

+300 pts
Repay your first loan of $300 or less on-time 

The path to responsible lending begins.
Our customized e-mail and text alerts will remind you when your payments are due to make the process as easy as possible.

+650 pts
Repay your first loan of $300 or more on-time 

It is easy to improve your Kener Status Even with your first loan.

+200 pts
Repay Your next Kener Loan of $400 or more on-time 

Every time you repay a Kener Loan of $400 or more on-time, you gain points to increase your status!
Your loan payments are automatically deducted from the bank account that was credited with your loan. 

+25 pts
Pay down a loan before its due date 

Each time you pay off a loan before its due date, you earn bonus status points.
We encourage you to pay down your loan early and reward you every time you do!

+50 pts
Refer a friend to Kener 

Spread the word around!
If you refer a friend to Kener Lending and he/she gets approved, you will receive 50 status points.

+200 pts
Your friend repays his first loan on time

Give and Get! Both you and your friend will receive 200 bonus points when he or she pays back their first loan on time. Earn 200 bonus points for each referred friend that pays back their first loan!

+200 pts
with Facebook 

We use big data to improve our underwriting capabilities and to save you money, help us help you!

+200 pts
Download our mobile app

Get better control of your loan, due date and special offers while you on the way. You can download our mobile app from App Store or Google Play.

More Ways To Improve Your Kener Status Are On The Way!

We're always working on new ways to help you improve your Kener Status and your financial future. Stay tuned for more opportunities.

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