Prepaid Debit Cards

While prepaid debit cards are called a debit card, they are very different from a standard debit card issued by your bank. A debit card from your bank is linked directly to your checking account while a prepaid debit card is not. With a prepaid debit card, you load funds onto the card in advance, and then, as you use the prepaid debit card, the money is deducted from the total amount available.

Most often, you are not able to spend more money on the prepaid debit card than you have previously loaded onto the card. For example, the gift cards you see at your favorite stores are prepaid debit cards; after you use up the money available on the card, the card becomes useless. However, you can find prepaid debit cards that you can add money to and continue using again and again. You are able to “re-load” these prepaid debit cards by adding money to the card’s account. You are then able to spend that money by using the card as you would use any bank debit card. The prepaid debit card will also allow you to take money out at an ATM at your convenience.

Kener lending will offer prepaid debit card to it's members in the coming future. 

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